These are buildings offering various entertainment and sports activities ranging from cinemas, theatres, museums to bowling halls to swimming pools. Due to high number of persons available in the area at the same time results in higher expectations from the acoustic solution offered. Sound smoothness and a high level of speech intelligibility are crucial for enhancing the end user’s comfort. Design options such as colour will contribute in the comfort and the performance of the building ( ie: black ceilings in the cinemas)

While deciding for the ceiling in such buildings, we advise that the decision should be, briefly, based on the following fundamental elements

  • Fire safety
  • Impact Resistance
  • Acoustic performance (ceiling solutions able to offer sound absorption and sound insulation at the same time)
  • Colour, border details, size and constructional form options

Entertainment References

NoTrade nameProject LocationLink
1Avşar Sinemalarıİstanbul
2Manisa Büyükşehir Bld. İl geneli 35 adet düğün salonuManisa
3Sarıgazi Semazen Düğün Salonu İstanbul