The requirements of a ceiling system in the industrial sector mostly depend on the nature of the materials produced and stored in the facility. The requirements of heavy industry facilities differ from for ex. food industry, a workshop or a lumber warehouse. In general suspended ceilings are not mounted in the production facilities due to production equipments therefore baffle and sound absorber wall panels become a perfect option for industrial buildings. Numerous different criteria are observed when designing production areas. Suitable illumination, state of the art fire safety and high level of hygiene, in some cases, constitute the most significant factors. However, sound levels in the industrial applications are in general, far more higher than that of other areas. It should be given a great importance for assuring and maintaining comfortable acoustic conditions for the employees and for those in the immediate vicinity.

While choosing for the ceiling in such areas, we advise that the decision should be based on the following fundamental elements.

  • State of the art fire safety
  • Acoustic performance (ceiling solutions able to offer sound absorption and sound insulation at the same time)
  • Illumination requirements

Industrial References

NoTrade nameProject LocationLink
1Alabd Alfany Libya Look
2GAMA - General Electric GE - Kırıkkale Doğalgaz Çevrim Santrali KırıkkaleLook
3BP Georgia Project - Peri ConstructionGürcistan
4Colgate FabrikasıGebze
5Dikgör İplik FabrikasıÇorlu
6Dortech İstanbul
7Elba Basınçlı Döküm Fabrikası İstanbul
8Erenor Tekstilİstanbul
9Gedik PiliçUşak
10Karadeniz Holding Karmarine Powerhip Enerji İstanbul
11Milas Yeniköy Hidro Elektrik Santrali Kimya LaboratuarıMuğla
12Öz Metal Fabrika BinasıKayseri
13Selçuk Ecza Deposu Antalya
14Şekersüt et ve süt entegre tesisleriKonya
15Turkcell Datacenter, Gebze Kocaeli
16Üstay İnşaat - Bakü Waste to Energy Plant Azerbaycan
17Yılmaz Kimya İstanbul
18Assan Gıda Bandırma Ek TesislerBalıkesir
19Bortar Yemek Fabrikasıİzmir