Healthcare buildings are those with differing many requirements and where various forms of activities are performed. For example, it is possible to assign buildings in a healthcare complex into almost 10 different categories. Those are entrance/lobby, aisles, consultation rooms, polyclinic rooms, patient rooms, laboratories, hygienic rooms, lounges, intensive care rooms, operation rooms, kitchen and wet masses, office areas with mobile partition walls.

Each and every one of them has differing requirements and modes of use. Distinctive ceiling should be built for each of them and products suitable for the area in question should be used.

While choosing for the ceiling in such areas, we advise that the decision should, briefly, be based on the following fundamental elements

  • Ceiling options able to meet cleanroom requirements, not allowing growth of molds, bacteria and microorganisms and which were exposed to high level of hygienic tests
  • Easily cleanability
  • Fire safety
  • Need for sound eligibility due to high level of noise, acoustic performance (ceiling solutions able to provide sound absorption and sound insulation, both at the same time) may be highly critical for patient health and curing period.
  • Light reflection performance
  • Easy and frequent access to installations over the suspended ceiling
  • Easy demountability

Healthcare References

NoTrade nameProject LocationLink
1Sancaktepe 400 Yataklı HastaneİstanbulLook
2Central Reference LaboratoryKazakistanLook
3Balıkesir 850 Yataklı Devlet Hastanesi BalıkesirLook
4Acıbadem Beşiktaş İlçe Sağlık Merkeziİstanbul
5Aksaray Devlet Hastanesi (Acil Bölümü)Aksaray
6Antalya Devlet Hastanesi Antalya
7Babaeski Hastanesi Edirne
8Bağcılar Diş Kliniğiİstanbul
9Beyhekim Hastanesi AMATEM Arş.Mrk.Konya
10Cerrahpaşa Tıp Fakültesi Hastanesiİstanbul
11Dar-al Fouad Hospital Kahire Dar-al Fouad HastanesiMısır
12Dilovası Devlet HastanesiKocaeli
13Doğumevi Hizmet Binası Van
14Düzce 300 yataklı devlet hastanesi Düzce
15Emsey Hastanesi İstanbul
16Erbil Özel Hastane Ozandac CompanyIrak
17Erciyes Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi HastanesiKayseri
18Gebze Sümeyye HastanesiKocaeli
19Gestaş Ordu Ünye Devlet HastanesiOrdu
20Ilgaz Devlet Hastanesi Ilgaz
21İnegöl Devlet Hastanesi İnegöl
22Karatay Belediyesi Bakım MerkeziKonya
23Kartal Kızılay Hastanesiİstanbul
24Kastamonu 450 yataklı hastane Kastamonu
25Konya SSK HastanesiKonya
26Küçükçekmece Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı Hastanesiİstanbul
27Mes Medikalİstanbul
28Osmangazi Universitesi Tıp Fak. Hast. Eskişehir
29Özel Akay HastanesiAnkara
30Özel Hay-Su Hastanesiİzmir
31Sivas Devlet HastanesiSivas
32Süleyman Demirel Üni. Sağlık Fak. Isparta
33Tercan 50 yataklı hastane Erzincan
34Van Devlet Hastanesi Van
35Finike/Antalya Devlet HastanesiAntalya
36Al Salam HospitalIrak
37Aile Sağlığı Merkezleriİstanbul
38İzmir Çeşme Devlet Hastanesiİzmir
39Kırşehir Kaman Devlet HastanesiKırşehir