Physical trainings and sports such as ball games and swimming etc. contain high level of noise. Talking and outcries during the activities are natural. The first and foremost function after design, of the ceilings in such buildings is the acoustic performance.

Such halls, in general, have high ceilings and form a high level of reverberation period. Therefore, persons in such areas generally need to speak louder or to even shout to cause their voices be heard. And this results in a cocktail effect in the environment.

Since ceiling elements with hard surface shall not absorb but reflect the sound, they mostly have adverse contribution to mass acoustic. Similarly, hard materials used in the ground will result in high level of clump.

While choosing for the ceiling in such areas, we advise that the decision should, briefly, be based on the following fundamental elements

  • Need for sound eligibility due to high level of noise, acoustic performance (ceiling solutions able to provide sound absorption and sound insulation, both at the same time)
  • Impact resistance
  • Humidity and corrosion resistance
  • Fire safety

Sports References

NoTrade nameProject LocationLink
1Club MardukDiyarbakırLook
2Altındag Belediyesi Nikah Sarayı ve Ali Ersoy Spor KompleksiAnkara
3Bursa Yeni Stadyum ProjesiBursa
4Hamza Yerlikaya Spor Kompleksiİstanbul
5Konya Büyüksehir Belediyesi Spor SalonuKonya
6Meram Belediyesi Spor KompleksiKonya
7Mersin Kapalı Spor Salonu Yenileme ProjesiMersin
8National Gymnastic ArenaAzerbaycan
9Şahinbey Spor Kompleksi Gaziantep
10Yahya Kemal Spor Kompleksiİstanbul
11Tire Stadyum İnşaatıİzmir
12Dakar Arena ProjectSenegal
13Kamerun Japoma StadiumKamerun