While designing the ceiling in the areas used for transportation such as airports, subway and train stations, the most fundamental feature that should be considered is that the ceiling should accommodate itself to the mobility in those areas both physically and in terms of design.

Metal suspended ceiling systems are able to provide a strong connection between the building and the transportation object with its ordered, calibrated and modular structure. Large calibrated metal panels in the wide, or sometimes immense, ceiling areas are able to easily accommodate itself to the area and unequally contribute to the acoustic performance of the environment with perforations on the metal plates and additional arrangements.

Open and closed ceiling systems, modular or asymmetric designs, linear or curvilinear forms, colour options are able to offer limitless ceiling design options with different materials and lamination.

Flexibility in the inherent nature of the metal results in the motto: “sky is the limit” for ceiling designs. Metal panels produced with galvanised steel or aluminium raw materials are able to offer numerous options from resistance to design and size and surface details.

BIn order to maintain a certain level of noise in such environments hosting such kind of crowds, ceilings are the most important among the actions to be taken. Therefore, ceilings in those areas should be actively evaluated. Easily demountable, resistant ceiling materials compatible with equipments such as integrated ventilation, sprinkler, loud speakers, LED illumination elements etc. and which as well grant frequent access to such installations should be chosen.

Easy mounting and demounting of the chosen ceiling system during application is also crucial. Maintaining the same alignment and keeping smooth balance after each assembly and disassembly of the ceiling materials is another issues that should be observed for the application.

While deciding for the ceiling in such buildings, we advise that the decision should be, briefly, based on the following fundamental elements.

  • Modern ceiling designs compatible with the designed concept and identity
  • Colour, size and structural form options
  • Acoustic performance (ceiling solutions able to provide privacy, sound absorption and sound insulation at the same time)
  • Illumination requirements
  • Fire safety
  • Easy and frequent access to installations such as electricity, mechanical air conditioning etc.

Transportation References

NoTrade nameProject LocationLink
1Antalya Havalimanı - Antalya AirportAntalya
2Asgabat Uluslararası Havalimanı, Asgabad Int. AirportTürkmenistan
3Çorlu Havalimanı - Çorlu AirportÇorlu
4Fas Casablanca Kral Mohammed V Havalimanı - Casablanca King Mohammed V AirportFas
5Manavgat Havalimanı AirportAntalya
6Marmaray CR3 Projesi Tren İstasyonları - OHLİstanbul
7Mersin Şehirlerarası OtogarMersin
8NATO Havaüssü - NATO Airbase - Metag İnşaat Afganistan
9VIP Terminal, Polimeks Türkmenistan
10Tav - MAJV Medine Prince Muhammed bin Abdulaziz Uluslarası Havalimanı - Medina International AirportSuudi Arabistan
11Adnan Menderes Havalimanı İdari Bina Tadilatları İzmir