The ceiling should coalesce with the design concept of the architect. The architects aresatisfied with different colours, border details, size and construction options. Thus, building-specific design may be applied. A solid acoustic is crucial to prevent “cocktail party effect” since these buildings are visited by crowded masses. Design may play a crucial role in buildings such as conference halls, museums and theatre halls etc. where internal decoration is a part of experience. Acoustic at all times plays a significant role as well as design.

While deciding for the ceiling in such buildings, we advise that the decision should be, briefly, based on the following fundamental elements

  • Modern ceiling designs
  • Acoustic performance (ceiling solutions able to provide privacy, sound absorption and sound insulation at the same time)
  • Fire safety
  • Easy and frequent access to installations such as electricity, mechanical air conditioning etc.
  • Colour, border details, size and constructional form options
  • Illumination requirements

Culture References

NoTrade nameProject LocationLink
1Manisa Kültür MerkeziManisaLook
2Convention Center Baku AzerbaycanLook
3Abdullah Gül Vakfı Müze ve Kütüphanesi KayseriLook
4Çorlu Kültür MerkeziÇorlu
5Çukurova Üni. Kongre ve Sergi SarayıAdana
6Diyarbakır Kongre SarayıDiyarbakır
7Erbaa Kongre ve Kültür MerkeziTokat
8Hanımlar Kültür MerkeziSivas
9Harran Üniversitesi Merkez KütüphanesiŞanlıurfa
10Hatay Dörtyol Kültür MerkeziHatay
11Hz.Hamza Camiiİstanbul
12Mersin Yenişehir Kongre Mrk.Mersin
13Rize Ardeşen kültür MerkeziRize
14Selçuklu Kongre MerkeziKonya
15Sultangazi Kültür Merkeziİstanbul
16Zorlu Center Kültür Merkezi İstanbul
17Uşak Üniversitesi - Gençlik MerkeziUşak